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Courage versus Fear

Fear is often described as anxiety, worry, nervousness, dread, stress, panic, alarm, trepidation, apprehension, phobia. Courage is often described as being bold, stepping up, having a stab, going for it, bringing it on, having a go, making a mark. Maybe it’s about getting on with things and trying something different as it occurs to you.

Here are some things that people have told me they feared:

  • Speaking to groups, or in public
  • Giving bad news
  • Breaking rules at work
  • Asking the boss for something
  • Giving direct feedback to a member of your team
  • Silence
  • Changing a habit
  • Using a new technique you learned on a course
  • Calling a director to make a sale
  • Meeting new people
  • Attending a training course
  • Confined spaces

Fear is always about what might happen in the future. So if you focus your mind on what could go wrong the fear might prevent you from finding out. A person might fear something, but find just enough courage to do it (or be given no choice), but if the mind is focussed on what could go wrong, it probably will. This is why we need courage.

Courage gets you moving, and focusses your mind on a positive result, and so it is more likely you will achieve it.

When you are driven by fear your health is likely to suffer and you have a good chance of realising the thing you are fearful of.

When you are driven by courage it is much healthier and you have a far better chance of being successful.

NLP for business will keep you in courage mode at work, and in your life, whilst eradicating your fear.

Which one tends to do the driving in your life?

Each action forms a habit which develops your character and becomes your destiny
Summarised from a Buddhist priest on BBC 4 thought for the day 1st June 2011.